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    " Innato's strongest coffee."

    Innato means a clean coffee with sweet notes, medium / high acidity and body, with an intense fragrance and aroma, with fruity sensations and chocolate notes, while maintaining all the necessary elements of a good coffee.

    We are a 100% Colombian Coffee, 100% Arabica coffee, rich and creamy body throughout, hand selection of ripe beans,natural fermentation, natural drying under the sun, micro lot, antioxidant, medium / high roasted, premium coffee, certified single origin coffee from Huila department.

    Our beans are classified by size and pureness, screen 12-14, intense body, high mountain coffee 1500-1900 m.a.s.l, deep aroma, strong coffee, roasted in hot air chambers which guarantees an HOMOGENEOUS ROASTED, REAL FRESH COFFEE, completely natural with no preservatives, free of impurities, strong and clean cup of coffee.

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Strict quality and dedication of our coffee farmers are present throughout the production process – from planting seed, to hand selecting the best beans for the unique roasting process, and then packed fresh in the area of origin preserving the authenticity and fragrance in an insurmountable coffee, an Innato coffee.

Expressions - 8.81oz (250gr)

Ground Coffee

Expressions - 12oz (341gr)

Ground Coffee

Expressions - 88.1oz (2500gr)

Ground Coffee